Party Safe for Hosts

Providing a safe party is the responsibility of the host, this page lists a a number of measures you can take to help ensure your party is safe and fun.


  • Ensure that invitations are in writing and personal, avoid using invitations that can be forged or photo-copied.
  • Invitations should be individualised and numbered.
  • Avoid group invitations.
  • If inviting partners, name then personally on the invitation.
  • Be clear about the start and finish time of the party.
  • Mail the invitations or deliver personally.
  • Ensure RSVPs are provided so you know exactly how many people to plan the event for.

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  • Minimise entry and exit points to the venue, check invitations at the door, and ensure a responsible adult is supervising any entry/exit points.
  • Provide a locked room or storage area for valuables.
  • Consider asking other parents to assist with supervision and/or hire licensed security personnel.
  • As early as possible, find out how guests will be leaving i.e. being picked up by parents, taxis or public transport.
  • Adults who are supervising should stay focused on the party at all times.
  • Read our Party Safe Checklist for more advice about party security

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  • Provide plenty of alternatives to alcohol such as soft drinks and water.
  • If alcohol is to be allowed, consider supplying the alcohol and establishing a bar so you can control and monitor the consumption of alcohol.
  • If alcohol is to available, mention this on the invitations. Parents of under aged guests need to know this.
  • Avoid BYO alcohol, it makes it very difficult to control the consumption of alcohol.
  • If you do allow BYO, place strict limits on the type of alcohol and the quantity allowed to be brought in by each guest.
  • Have a responsible adult control the distribution of alcohol at all times, even it's BYO.
  • Provide plenty of food when alcohol is available.
  • Monitor the consumption of alcohol to prevent intoxication and curb any problems before they start.
  • Drinks should always be distributed by a responsible adult, avoiding the possibility of somebody tampering with the drinks or "spiking" them.
  • Avoid any type glass containers, pour drinks into plastic glasses/cups.

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  • Allocate an area for smoking, or guests may wander away from the venue and attract attention from unwanted guests.
  • Smoking area(s) should be kept out of public sight and supervised.

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  • Check with the local police and council about noise restrictions, and if hiring a venue ensure that you've checked with the facilitator about any restrictions.
  • Notify any neighbours about the party, inform them of start and end times. This can reduce the possibility of complaints.

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  • Determine the standard of behaviour prior to the party, and make this clear to all guests. Stand by these standards firmly.
  • Have a plan on how to handle situations where guests are getting out of hand. For example; calling their parents to collect them or calling the police.
  • Do not hesitate to call the police if an uncontrollable situation develops.
  • Contact the parents of any guest immediately if they become sick or drunk. If the parents are unavailable, have a backup plan.

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Remember, It's Your Party!

  • You have the right to set and maintain the standard of acceptable behaviour.
  • You have the right to refuse entry to your party, and you can ask people to leave.
  • Should trouble occur, contact your local police immediately, or in an emergency call 000

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Read our Party Safe Checklist for more advice about hosting a party.

Safe Party Pack - NSW Police
Party Safe Guide - WA Police